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Thermal Management Systems

Our custom design approach, extensive technical capabilities including thermal analysis, CFD and FEA, and the use of proprietary design programs developed to take full advantage of our vast selection of heat transfer fin in a wide variety of materials, gives us the ability to optimize the performance of all the heat exchangers incorporated in the system. The result is maximum overall thermal system performance. By combining extensive knowledge of thermal systems and industry leading experience in the design and manufacture of custom heat exchangers for a broad array of markets and applications, Niagara Thermal Products’ team of expert thermal engineers and designers creates the most compact and light weight thermal management systems possible.

The lean manufacturing capabilities and operations at Niagara Thermal allow us to provide you with leading technology at value unmatched in the industry. Over thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of cooling systems for commercial and military aircraft, ground vehicles, watercraft and power generation systems makes us confident in our ability to provide the thermal system solution you require.

Our flexible cell manufacturing set-up enables us to cost effectively produce and assemble both simple and complex systems.

We offer complete purchasing management of any and all required system components.

Our project management team-based approach provides quick and highly responsive communication and interface throughout system design, development and manufacture.

Capabilities  · Applications & Markets


Materials of Construction

Carbon Steel Alloys

Copper Alloys

Cupro Nickel

Nickel Alloys

Stainless Steel Alloys

Fluids Commonly Worked With


Petroleum Products



Part Quantities

Our efficient processes allow us to provide cost effective solutions for a single prototype system or production quantities in the thousands

Acceptable "Drawing and Documentation" formats

We work with all common industry formats

Testing Available


Leak (Air Bubble or Helium Mass Spec)

Pressure Cycle

Pressure Drop

Proof Pressure

Salt fog (Corrosion)


Thermal Performance


QC Process & Certifications

QC Certifications:
AS 9100
ISO 9001
FAA Authorized Manufacturing Facility
Customer Certifications:
General Dynamics Land Systems
L3 Propulsion Systems
Hamilton Sundstrand

Applications & Markets


From simple single heat exchanger systems….

  • Providing a cost advantageous alternative to contract manufacture, we built and assembled an integrated cooling package for a military customer that included an air-to-liquid heat exchanger, fan and fan control along with associated valves and connection tubes.
  • For a bleed air application for helicopters, we designed and built a system including a stainless steel air-to-liquid heat exchanger with integrated fan, shroud and connection tubing.
  • To provide cabinet cooling for a military electronics application, we designed and built a complex double-row heat sink with an integrated string of 6 mounted fans located at each end.

To complex combinations of multiple heat exchangers….
  • To meet the needs of a fuel cell manufacturer, we designed and built a series of 6 different heat exchangers for a commercial bus application. The system included air and fuel humidifiers, air-to-liquid electronics coolers, condenser with separator and an intercooler.
  • To resolve a wide range of cooling problems in an existing commercial vehicle for an automotive manufacturer, we designed and built a system of 6 different heat exchangers (engine radiator, engine oil cooler, transmission oil cooler, intercooler, fuel cooler and electronics cooler) all cooled by a single fan that would fit under hood within reduced space constraints.
  • For a next generation military ground vehicle application we designed and built an integrated stack of 5 different heat exchangers (high temperature radiator, low temperature radiator, engine oil cooler, transmission oil cooler and environmental control system condenser) all cooled by a single fan.
  • For a system upgrade military ground vehicle application, we designed and built a package of 9 different heat exchangers including an integrated stack of 6 units (condenser, power electronics cooler, fuel cooler, auxiliary EGW radiator, high-temp engine radiator and transmission oil cooler) cooled by a single fan, working in cooperation with another 3 remote mounted units (charge air cooler, transfer case oil cooler and hydraulic oil cooler).
….Niagara Thermal Products can expediently and cost effectively produce the thermal management system result you are looking for.

Markets Served


Electronics and Telecommunications

Fuel Cell and Power Generation



Medical Equipment


Representative Customers Served

BAE Systems



General Dynamics

L3 Communications

Lockheed Martin



Northrop Grumman

Parker Aerospace




·  CM Marine Engine Cooler

·  AV Military Vehicle Electronics Cooling System

·  CLS Helicopter Bleed Air Cooling System

·  ISR Military Electronics Cooling System

·  JD Charge Air Cooler Radiator System

·  FCS Military Vehicle Power Pack Cooling System

·  SMOD Military Vehicle Power Pack Cooling System


ISO 9001 & AS9100-B Certification
(PDF, 378KB)